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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to Weirdal

Re: Xbox cloud saves

said by Weirdal:

Microsoft's data centers are certainly less likely lose your data than your xbox hard drive is. And they're just game saves, not irreplaceable heirlooms.

A more important reason not to use it is if you think you'll ever need your saves when not connected to the internet.

Game saves are a record of things we've done, good times spent with friends and/or family, are reminders of different periods of our lives. While not "heirlooms" they are somewhat irreplaceable. I lost all my saves from the Playstation, Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox when my ex and I split because I was stupid and forgot I left them with him. By the time I realized my mistake, he was well out of contact. Yes, I *could* replay those games, but it's just not the same - and a bit overwhelming, as my Final Fantasy VII save, for instance, had over 80 hours in it. It bothers me just as much as if I'd lost a treasured photo album because those game saves go back well before I met him.

I'm sure the same scenario wouldn't bother a lot of people, but everyone has different levels of emotional attachment to things.
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Grand Island, NE
Yeah it sucks to lose game saves, not not so much that you shouldn't trust the cloud saves.
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