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[HN9000] Failure to connect to webserver error.

This is quite curious.
I host some websites on a virtual dedicated server. the server lives in Florida.
From time to time, I am unable to access the sites with my hn9000 satellite and get a failure to connect to webserver error. the site is available from the server and from other locations (i have checked this with clients and associates in other states etc. i cannot find any other sites I cannot reach. the sites use various technologies, some, some php etc. I can ping the site, I just cannot bring it up in the browser.
It turns out, if i do a hard reboot of the modem, the sites come up just fine......
what is going on, this is happening several times a week. Is there a configuration error on my server side?
or what????

any thoughts are appreciated.


Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
HTTP 40x and 50x errors are a longstanding Hughes problem. No one seems to have a clue why they're not fixing it.


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said by grohgreg:

HTTP 40x and 50x errors are a longstanding Hughes problem. No one seems to have a clue why they're not fixing it.


Well my allowance is done with resetting every few hours, so im guessing that only lasted about 13 days or less maybe.. I have no true answer on what the customers will do but i do have an idea of what they will do in about a week or two. They better get this problem fixed, Everyday when my brother comes home off work he keeps asking if i done anything with it and i reply with the same answer no, and no one else is either. I can for sure notice loading times have gone up since day 1 of our gen4 so this a pitty for most of us and will be even more for hughes themselves perhaps.

But have to see what happens, only time can tell(:

EDIT: just saw that this thread has nothing to do with gen4, so if you dont have it please skip my post
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