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Shaw Alberta sustained D/L keeps failing

I'm on the broadband 50 package through Shaw and for the last week or so I've been having troubles with maintaining a sustained download. I have 3 computers on the network and all the computers are exhibiting the same behavior. They are all hardwired directly to the modem.

This is intermittent, but happens most often with streaming videos. The video will buffer maybe 1/4 the way through, then slow to a crawl or stop all together. I have to reload the page several times to get the buffer to continue.

This also happens when downloading. I will get an awesome sustained speed for a short period (maybe 5 seconds) then often it will just stop, and I have to cancel the download and restart it.

I am using one of their new Cisco wireless modem/router dealies. I've had it for 6 months without issue, but this problem just started recently. I called up Shaw and they said my connection looks good, but they will have to send out a technician (a couple week wait) to diagnose this issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this? I've obviously tried resetting / power cycling the modem to no avail.

Thanks a lot!


I've been having similar issues (I'm in Calgary)... connections hanging, streaming videos freeze or stop, random slowdowns with my connection.

I have contacted Shaw tech support a few times throughout the last 2 months when these issues intermittently appeared.

They even sent a technician once, to replace my Cisco wireless router and other maintenance work.

Yesterday, a Shaw rep told me that they've been doing infrastructure upgrade / maintenance work in my area since the summer (at least 2 months), which impacts speeds.

Frustrating process, but at least I got an answer... (eventually!)


Yeah I checked out the Shaw forum and it looks like a lot of others around Calgary are having these issues as well. Did the technician help at all? I scheduled a service call for next week, but maybe i'll just cancel it because it seems like this probably won't help at all.

It's frustrating since I sometimes work remotely from home, I can't do video / audio chat without it cutting out on me.


reply to Cytosol
Have you logged into the Cisco unit that Shaw gave you and turned off the firewall? You're still cut off from the internet by virtue of the NAT service it provides, and if you're running a firewall (even the built in firewall that most OS's come with) you should be safe.