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Santa Fe, NM

[Caps] Upload Caps

I've been tooling along for 6 months now, not particularly worrying about the non-enforced 250MB/Month cap. Despite a lot of household streaming TV, file downloads, updates to multiple computers and a VPN connection to work, I wasn't seeing more than 100MB/month and usually a bit less. And I didn't make the connection that the cap calculator includes both downlink and uplink data.

About a month ago, my Blast 50/10 uplink speeds finally started approaching the advertised amount (8mbps), so i thought it would be a good time to archive offsite a bunch of videos, mp3s and photos that had been residing on 3/4s of a 1TB internal drive.

Not surprisingly, my usage this month exceeds the 250mb non-cap by almost a factor of 4. The good news is that once uploaded to AWS Glacier, I won't need to do that again, but it was still an eye opener.


Stuarts Draft, VA
Yep, caps include all data transmitted and received.