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York, ON

Slow internet on 1 of 2 PC's, but not slow on LAN

So I'm kinda stumped... looking for some thoughts here.

I've got cable internet going through a DCM476 modem, then to my DLINK DIR655 router.

I've got 2 computers that are connected via ethernet to the Dlink router. Both adapters are set to auto negotiate, and both have an established connection of 1gbps.

Computer 1 is right next to the router, 6 ft of ethernet cable. Computer 2 is upstairs over 50 ft of ethernet cable.

Both computers have Realtek Network adapters, computer 1 has a newer revision of the adapter, but I've installed the latest driver version on both PC's and matched all adapter settings to be the exact same. (the newer adapter has some power saving features that I've disabled, to get it to match the older one)

When performing a speedtest with speedtest.net computer 1 only gets a speed of 15mbps, but computer 2 gets 26mbps. I've tried switching network cables, and router ports... and no difference.

So right off the bat you would think that there is some issue with the network adapter... but if I transfer a file from computer 1 to computer 2 (or in the opposite direction), it easily sustains 100mbps... so the adapter is capable of reaching more than 15mbps...

I've also got a laptop on wifi, and that easily beats 15mbps..

Any thoughts on what would explain why the adapter can not get above 15 mbps over the internet? It's really odd...

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I would suspect some kind of unwanted, unobserved Internet activity on computer 1.
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