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[connectivity] Need to reset my network adapter at least once a

A new problem has sprung on me wherein I'll lose internet, often while browsing, and the network icon will show the yellow Connectivity Issues icon. I found this is easily fixed every time either by manually disabling and enabling the network adapter or simply right clicking the icon and having it troubleshoot the problem, where it says it reset the adapter and all is fixed. It happens at least once a day, and often will be there waiting for me when I get up in the morning.

I've reinstalled the motherboard's drivers for the adapter which didn't help. I did google around but couldn't find any topics similar enough to try their proposed fixes.

Thanks for any help.


Cookeville, TN

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Re: [connectivity] Need to reset my network adapter at least onc

With no idea as to what Operating Software you are using my suggestion will have to remain a little vague.

Locate the control panel or place where you can set power saving settings in your OS and verify that the interface in question has been set to always remain on and not to power down or go to sleep after a set period of inactivity.

On most systems making the change in the power saving settings of the OS will take care of this but there are some motherboards with built in interfaces that have BIOS settings to also control if the interface is to be powered off to save energy. Those settings, if your system has a built in interface, might also need to be changed.

The above can hold true for both wired or wireless Ethernet adapters.

The problem could also be at your router and not your PC. Not as common but moving a PC to a different Ethernet port or just defaulting the router to factory settings and configuring it all over again can clear up problems similar to what you describe.

Next time the problem occurs try power cycling the router and see if the PC connection returns after it finishes rebooting. That should help identify if the PC interface is going into a terminal sleep style mode or if the problem is possibly router related.


Well go figure, the problem has not happened since your post, which I guess is great.. If it does happen again I'll try resetting the modem itself and get back to you.


reply to BlueMist
Alright it happened again and simply power cycling the modem instead of resetting the adapter computer-side fixed it. I'll try resetting the modem to its defaults and see how it goes I guess.