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reply to nunya

Re: Trying to help a friend

said by nunya:

It's the only way to ball park what he will get, since he was already lied to.

I don't think you get it. There is no DSL wired yet. Hooking up a DSL modem won't do a damn bit of good. It won't provide any information until the circuit is wired through a DSLAM.

His fathers DSL is right next door from what I understand. Sure it's not 100% accurate. But it gives a ballpark, as stated. It's a whole 10-minute thing to do. Yeah you are right, no two wire pairs are the same, and whatever else. But it's a ballpark.

When you call in to a wholesale ISP to find what speeds you will get, the ISP's do the exact same thing more or less. They check customers in the area near the address and see what they have and ballpark it to you on the phone. Sometimes crap happens. Everyone around you has 5-meg and you end up with 1-meg due to whatever. We aren't going for 100% exactness here. Even Bell couldn't do that themselves.

In regards to the G&G kit, this would be the least expensive route to go. But be aware that you have to cancel it 30 days prior to the end of the promo or you will get dinged an extra month at full price.

So if the kit is for 3 months, you have to go through the work as shown above to get your line fixed up within about 1.5 months then call in to cancel at month 2 (and not one day more or you get dinged for charges). Then you can switch to a wholesaler who offers more.