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[Speed] Issue with Google Play Store Tablets and Phones

I am having a very interesting situation. I have a Google tablet and Andriod phones. I get very high speeds on internet, youtube etc over WIFI on these devices. However when downloading Apps via the Google Play store it becomes extremely slow. I just recently had my modems swapped out problem existed before and after modem swap. I also changed to a new wireless router problem also existed before and after. If I bring my phones/tablet to a friends house on Time Warner and connect via WIFI the speed in the Play store is very fast.

Any ideas on what is causing this slow down? Is RCN blocking a port or something of that nature? Any help would be appreciated.


Centreville, VA
Nothing that I'm aware of. It sounds like a transit / peering issue but I'd need to know the IP that your tablet is talking to when you try to download the apps. If you have anyway of getting that it would probably help
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering