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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to Reall ay

Re: ColbaNet Adsl2+ The Unlimited is a lie.

said by Reall ay :

Shows you how brainwashed people have become by the industry and people who "work" the forums when they start worrying about what someone downloads and how it could affect an ISP's money on an unlimited account.

The people who work the forums and the telco industry want you to think of usage like frigging oil.

If the customer is on a Colba co-locate, the capacity costs them negligible. If he's on Bell, then the usage IS like "friggin oil".

Either way, Colba advertises unlimited. They should be prepared for the eventuality that someone is going to actually use unlimited.
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All U canEAT

Yeah it depends which he is on that determines the usage limits with Colba.

This person stated he is prepaid (on contract). So that is their 24-meg adsl2+ (on Colba's C/O). It's the only one prepaid/Contracted.

And, yup, everything on their webpage says unlimited for 19.95/month.

The guy should include screen shots of it all.

Actually that's a great price and great deal if you can get it, eh.


reply to HeadSpinning
Damn, I just realized that I (literally) broke the internet. GG Colba Net, GG.


reply to All U canEAT
Click for full size
Contract pricing
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Resold non-contract
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Contract Pricing
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Colba Policy
Just for sake of argument...

As seen in the pics...

Also, look at their policy. Usage limits apply to the non-contracted Bell resold ADSL only.

Colba is going to lose this if it goes to the CCTS.


reply to Colbanetuser
said by Colbanetuser :

I'm going to take your advice and file a complaint today with CCTS if they are uncooperative, thank you Shrug.

Keep us informed of what happens.


I will keep you informed, thank you for the interest.


I spoke to them, they said that the period was to the end of the month and that for "security" they put a limit, she agreed to reset my usage counter and to watch my bandwidth for next time (she won't reset it again).

Whenever I said something Like they should inform clients of this limit she dodged the question referring to the solution she offered of resetting my counter. She also made the argument that 1000gb is a lot of usage (which I easily defended by stating the contract is unlimited) even though they own the hardware and line, I don't see this as an issue for them although they recently started an IPTV service and may be pulling a "Bell" on me. For now I don't feel the space to escalate and I may not use that much bandwidth again as I average about 800gb a month but I will see in the future if there is a need to negotiate with her. If she had said the wrong this to me or argued with me I would have escalated this immediately. I am no stranger to negotiating compensation from communication providers for their mistakes.

As someone pointed out, I am very lucky to have this amazing connection despite this not being actually unlimited, for $20 a month plus $10 dry loop I get 19 meg actual connection (speedtest) with a 140 kb/s upload. You need to live within 3 KM of one of their towers and the closer the higher speed and I was lucky. I have not found any other provider to offer so much bandwidth for such speed in Canada so let us not forget that. They do not mess with bittorrent speed and I always max out my speed.

She asked me if I check my bandwidth on-line with my user-name and I responded to her, why as an unlimited user would I check my bandwidth.

On a side note, a few days ago I noticed on my router's page that 400kb/s was downloading even though all transfer had stopped, I checked Comodo and it had the download transferring from an IP through Chrome. I couldn't figure out why that was happening and nothing was streaming - this may or may not have continued for some time and added to my usage (even though this is irrelevant to this issue)


Well, at least you're ok for this month.

You said your contract ends next month or something. I was checking their site and 2nd year contracts go up by 5$ for unlimited 24-meg. That is still very good for 24$. You aren't going to find better.

Seems to me they will reset it each time and more or less want to scare you a bit for downloading the world

I would only start worrying when and if they change their policies... And if they do, per Quebec law they have to give you 30-days notice with the option to quit the contract w/ no termination fee's or penalties.

So I would take a new contract w/ them for sure. The law and that great price is on your side.


Verdun, QC
reply to Colbanetuser
I'm surprised they flagged your account. My clients use a lot of bandwith but never got any trouble with a "so called cap" on their adsl2+ service.. Might just wanna ask them to put a 4tb limit or just take off that security flag in your account. Colba will reset your counter or do so. So far, all of my customers are more than satisfied with them.


reply to Colbanetuser
Good morning,

it sounds like you have a complaint we may be able to assist you with. You may wish to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS).

If you wish to complaint against a provider that is not currently a participant of CCTS, please do provide us with as much information as possible.
Visit us at ccts-cprst.ca
Call us at 1-888-221-1687