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reply to fartness

Re: Symptomps of a failing fuel pump...

said by fartness:

I remember on an older vehicle of mine, changing the fuel filter made a night and day difference. With a lot of these new cars that are "life" filters, will that cause a problem if they needed to be changed on older cars?

Well that was part of my reservation, but the new "system filters" as some are now called are made strictly to protect the pumps from what I would call "debris" rather than the fine particulates that the older filters, like the paper ones would catch.

Engineers claim that the pumps today are robust enough to pass such particulates and they will flow through the injection system. Of course this ultimately leads to a need to keep the injectors clean, but fuel additives are such that this is becoming less and less of an issue than the days when I started, and so far they seem to be right... As hard as that is for me to admit.