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reply to Larhleolynx

Re: Trying to help a friend

said by Larhleolynx:

is there a way to get that demarc updated to a line jack model without getting dinged for 100 bucks? Thanks!

Only if you have Bell telephone to my understanding.

CRTC made a ruling that demarcs with a test jack are to be installed so customers can test their lines.

So if you call primus to say you have static on your phone line (land line phone, and assuming Primus resells phone) there should be no 100$ ding.

CRTC stated that Bell is not to charge people for telephone related service calls if the customer does not have a demarc w/ test jack.

So in other words, any and all inside wiring repair is free unless Bell installs a demarc w/ test jack.

Been a couple of rulings on this, follow the links... »New CRTC Demarcation decision

Mr. Wireless


can the clec do a metallic test on the line or can only bell do this?

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