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Re: [DSL] Frontier Speed Issues at My Home

I've had a good deal of success when contacting the Regional managers as well as Corporate Reps for the Ohio area region.
E-mail as well as phone calls have helped resolve several issues as far as proper line speed provisioning as well as a host of other problems. Calling tech support or customer services doesn't generally produce much as far as positive results. Here are a couple URL's you may wish to try to get a hold of your areas General managers, (who will need to authorize any provisioning changes,) as well as Regional Corporate reps who can light a fire under some butts to affect the appropriate changes.

With your line stats, you're definitely getting hosed as far as provisioning. If nothing can be done in the immediate future to correctly provision you to what you're paying for, at least have them reduce your plan to what you are getting. 3MB/.5MB .