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York, ON

[Grandfathered Plans] cancelling... what should I expect

I just had Teksavvy unlimited cable installed. But I'm giving it a few days before I cancel with Bell to make sure there are no hiccups.

So I plan on calling Bell this week to cancel my grandfathered unlimited plan. It's not bundled, and I have no contract... Any advice on what I should expect when I call to cancel?

I assume that they will waste my time and send me to retentions, and make me an offer.. I assume that I will have to give them 30 days notice, so they will bill me for at least 1 months more service. Are they going to try and stick me with any penalties (I have no contract or bundle discount)

Also do they still send out the shipping box for the modem, and filters, or do they just give you an address and ask you to ship it to them?

After I cancel should I post in the direct forum to make sure that there is an actual record of the cancellation request?

Anything else I need to know?


Just call bell and first thing you say is "Hello I'm shoving your internet up your &^*" . I think retentions will be out of the question.


reply to activoice
Bell mailed me a label for the modem. I stuffed the modem, network cable, USB cable, power supply, and filters into a self-supplied box and mailed it from the local post office. Keep the receipt. The only problem I've noticed is when people forget to return the modem immediately after the disconnect and Bell subsequently charges for the modem.

My DSL was terminated when I ported my landline phone number to VoIP. They tried the 30 days argument for the landline but I said Bell chose the FOC date not me. Also, Bell disconnected the DSL not me. I owe nothing. CSR agreed and all contracts were terminated that day (had TekSavvy on a dry loop, in parallel, so service switchover was painless).

Retentions called the next day. I said you don't have the right products for me so there's no point in negotiating price. Thanks and goodbye.