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Bucyrus, OH
reply to pvtpilot94

Re: Anyone with GEN4 have consistent Speeds

For a Friday evening , Things have turned around here for the better speeds are fairly stable around 7 to 8 Meg. I hoping it stays that way.
Made some calls to Hughes executive customer support today. Maybe that helped
I am told I should expect a call back Monday
HT1000 Beam 23


Malden, WA

Here are my speeds from yesterday and today, pretty consistent-

12/15/2012 09:45:18 9492 722
12/15/2012 09:44:27 7602 709
12/15/2012 09:43:33 8378 818
12/15/2012 09:42:37 8380 854
12/14/2012 21:36:42 6798 829
12/14/2012 21:35:45 6731 862
12/14/2012 15:55:55 6517 667
12/14/2012 15:54:35 4787 703
12/14/2012 15:52:52 6749 779
12/14/2012 12:40:49 6685 654
12/14/2012 12:39:20 7293 603

Bucyrus, OH
reply to pvtpilot94
Midday result



Edgewood, TX
reply to pvtpilot94
Is there ANYONE?!? on PowerMax that has ever gotten the 15Mbps down?!?

I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Executive Support and I swear these people are effin retarded about their own technology. All I keep getting is the usual BS response about we cannot guarantee speeds and that your speeds are good according to our parameters.

Geezus!! If I have to continue to deal with the stupidity of HN, I can only hope that a major earthquake or tsunami takes out their corporate HQ.

6-8Mbps with the rare speeds of 10-11Mbps is not good at all when PowerMax is stated to having upto 15Mbps. Doesn't it seem rather screwy that if you've never seen 15Mbps on any of their speedtests that something is very wrong?!? I would expect to hit 15Mbps most of the time in the early morning hours, but that never happens. 10-11Mbps at the most.

These dumbfounded dipsheit corporate types are unbearable to deal with. They have no damn idea how the technology is supposed to work. They read off scripts much like the damn CSRs do. They don't expect to deal with IT Professionals that know how networks are supposed to work, they figure all they'll deal with are the country bumpkins that have HNG4, and only use it to check their email or look at Facebook.

As soon as Verizon's HomeFusion LTE is live in my area, which it unofficially is, but it's not running on LTE, rather 4G. I'm bailing on this POS corporation called Hughesnet.

For some stupid reason I was thinking since Exede and HNG4 are using basically the same technology satellite wise, that their speeds would be pretty damn close to each other.. How wrong I was..