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·TekSavvy DSL

Bell no longer honoring grandfathered discounts.

So, after taking 10 months to get my billing issues finally resolved, I now have yet another issue.

My discounts were set to expire in Nov. I called in Sept. to renew or apply new discounts for the next year.
I had a detail chat with them specifically regarding my Internet, because I was grandfathered into the Fibe 16+.
I ended the call with only setting up my TV discounts to cover until Nov. 2013, I advised them I'd call back when I sorted out what to do with my internet, as I really didn't want to move to 15/10 (I'd only get 3 meg upload based on my location anyway).

I called them back on Sept. 28th, discussed again my needs, and the fact that I didn't want to move off of 16+.
I was advised by retentions/loyalty the best option was for them to reapply all of my discounts on the internet and keep the status quo until Nov. 2013, I agreed, spent nearly 25 minutes on hold while he called over to his "other department" to ensure that all of the discounts were applied and would take for the next year.

Fast forward to my bill received on Nov. 23rd.
My bill for some reason is way higher then normal, upon investigation, I see there's NO discounts on the internet at all, my Fibe 16+ is being billed at $85/mo.
I quickly call, make a note to the new guy I speak to that, I called on Sept. 28th, and this was all worked out. He advises me that all my grandfathered discounts are expired and he can't add them back under any circumstances. I note to him my calls, he tells me he can see the notes, but unfortunately, they are not able to honor them, his system "will not allow them to place the discounts on any grandfathered plan".
He advises me that "my only option to get cheaper internet was to switch to 15/10 and although I'd get less download every month, it would be $49.95/month and not $84.95.
I asked him why they couldn't honor what the last loyalty CSR put me on hold for 25 minutes to get, he said that, those discounts were in fact in the system, but the system wouldn't apply them to a grandfathered plan, and because of that there was nothing he could do.

So.. I wrapped up the call telling him I'd make a few calls and get back to them as this wasn't acceptable, and I'd either cancel, or drop the internet to zero rated.

I hung up the phone and called Electronic Box, and ordered 60/3 from them.
Once it's hooked up and running, I'll be dropping the internet to zero rated.

I will say this, Bell's service is great, it works fantastically, their billing, that's a whole other mess.
Over my 1 year of service with them, I didn't receive 6 months worth of bills, many months the amount of the bills were not consistent with the amount they should have been. The amount of people that don't follow up with them must really be crazy.
Checking my phone logs from the last year, just sorting out my billing issues, I spent over 30 hours on the phone with them.
I will keep them for my FibeTV, but never again for any other service.

Called in to renew discounts, was told they were applied to Nov. 2013, on my next bill, discounts were no longer applied, CSR says despite the fact he sees them in the system, and that they should have been applied as agreed upon, they in fact can no longer discount any grandfathered plan, if I don't want to pay $85/mo for internet, I needed to swap to a new smaller package.


·Bell Fibe
I would definitely switch internet over (although to my knowledge Electronic Box does not offer 60/3 any more).

Get the zero rated internet for your fibe TV resolved first. I tried to get fibe TV with zero rated internet but after wasting a good hour on the phone with multiple retentions people I just gave up (I'm with Videotron atm for tv), they have either never heard of it or the ones that had did not know how to apply it


It's already set, they noted it on the account, and EB does have limited number of 60/3, it's hit or miss, and I happened to hit on it when I ordered.


reply to Nitra
Good morning,

looks like you're having issues with your billing. If you've been unable to come to a reasonable resolution with your provider, you may wish to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). We're an independent organization that works with you and your participating Canadian telecommunications service provider to resolve complaints.


Niagara Falls, ON
I am so glad I am not with bell anymore. Don't at all miss the monthly phone calls to bell because they could never get the bill right and always seemed to charge me more than what I was supposed to be paying.

The "Our system won't allow us" excuse for the grandfathered plans goes way back to the DSL days where they just switched everyone from unlimited without telling them only to say it is the "system" that won't allow them to switch you back. And don;t forget the 100.00 cancellation fee they try and charge you when you try and cancel because they broke their own contract.

I am with Iktel and while they are a start up it has been pretty reliable and the bill is always exactly what it is supposed to be, just get the bill, pay it as it should be.

North York, ON
Opening a complaint with CCTS is a really good idea, especially with 30 hours spent on the phone with Bell to get billing issues resolved. Requesting reimbursement for excessive amounts of time spent on the phone can also be ordered by the CCTS.

I've seen a lot of CCTS complaints as co-founder of the Canadian Gamers Organization, from users forwarding them to us and requesting info.

One of the complaints I saw was from a customer who spent excessive amounts of time on the phone to get an unauthorized account-change issue fixed, with the incumbent doing a runaround not wanting to explain why/how the unauthorized account change happened (this is required I believe under PIPEDA, as a possible privacy breach of the customer?). The customer asked for $300 to remunerate them for time spent on the phone sorting out the issue (based on billable wages as they were an independent contractor). The incumbent countered with $150, and the CCTS backed the customer, and pushed for $300 anyways.

Unfortunately I didn't receive a status update (this happens often once the person gets the info they requested), but the CCTS can actually really help.
Battle.net Tech Support MVP


Montreal, QC
·Electronic Box
reply to Nitra
I left bell around 5-6 years ago. Due to the fact they wouldn't let me keep the deal I had for years. I never got the full speed that was advertised because I was just at the edge of the grid. They knew this, yet wanted to up my price. I explained to them the way to keep me was to allow me to keep my rate since they couldn't correct the speed and they said no. So screw them I moved myself to Electronic Box and have never been happier with a provider! So I think you made the right call to end the bell hell!