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Oshawa, ON

[Internet] Line stats

Hello all,

Above are my line stats. A couple questions:
1. should the line be able to handle a higher downstream data rate? I pay for 16 MB
2. is there anything one can do to improve the snr margin which seems to be low. I live in a condo and it's only the modem plugged into to any jacks. I've tried all the jacks and the results are much the same. A Bell tech came out to look at things and said the line was at capacity and something would be done from the phone company end. That's where it ended. When I called back, the agent said nothing to be done at phone company - It is my line and that's as good as it gets. Who is responsible for the phone line up to the point it enters my condo? If I were moved to a new DSLAM at phone co (agent at another ISP provider said they would do this if I were their customer), could that help?

Thanks for reading.

Mr. Wireless

probaly not, those stats are like that due to your distance from the Node/CO. if they move the co closer than thats the only way, or bring fttb to your appartment
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