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reply to pvtpilot94

Re: Anyone with GEN4 have consistent Speeds

said by pvtpilot94:

I was wondering if there is anyone with GEN 4 getting somewhat consistent speeds.
Since doing the upgrade to GEN4 my download speeds have varied throughout the day from over 7 meg to speeds well below 300 kbps. Most of the day its well below 1 meg down.
The speed tests are directly from Hughesnet.
Hughes is telling me there could be a problem with my equipment, and have scheduled a
repair this week.
Looking at the hughesnet community it appears that other are experiencing the same thing.

From my understanding and what I saw with my old HN7000 modem, I saw that HN is forcing everyone without the Gen4 to upgrade to it, I'm not saying its true but its possible however if this is the case then there maybe trouble on the way to Hughes.. I'm a Gen4 customer, yes but the download speed i'm curently seeing is only double the download speed i had with the 7000 so that makes me not impressed much, with the speeds that is and so far thats the only thing. I'm a heavy gamer type and love watching videos and i dont see a whole big bunch of cluster with it except when large amounts of data are being sent back and forth to a gaming server (this is perfectly normal) satellite is and never will be meant for gaming i already know that.

Things load up slightly faster and log on also.. However since our first day with Gen4 I have been seeing red x marks in my downlink boxes straight across, every minute, every hour, everyday so this is definitely on Hughes's end not mine. Good luck to you if you ever do happen to upgrade anyway.
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