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Sandy, UT
reply to Hayward

Re: [Tablet] 4.1.x vs 4.2.x what's the difference?

said by Hayward:

Ok an interesting feature but rather impractical. Requires taking a bazillion (relatively speaking) properly overlapped pix... and the demos I saw were not really full spheres, more like 180 with just more vertical and scroll zoom.
And really only suitable for static subjects with nothing moving around.

VS real ones that are full spheres, done in a single shot with a very pricey lens system.

It's really pretty quick (taking the photos). As with pano pictures, you can move pretty quickly without having to stop. I have a friend that takes quite a few:

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Some of his earlier ones are much better as they are day shots. I do a lot of backpacking and one of the things I always tell people is that a photos does not really do the scene justice. Pano is much better because it gives you a slightly better perspective (I usually take panos that are around 120 degrees so they don't distort). But with sphere shots people will be able to look all around at the view, up and down even.