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New York, NY
reply to St0ney

Re: which car to get?

I been watching reviews on a lot of cars I may not know the pros and cons to all of these but this is def a nice list.
I like the 3 cars you listed especially the 2012-13 (current) models have been upgraded nicely.

But the GT500 shelby pro is 662Hp like u mentioned, 0-60 3.5secs, No Gas Guzzler Tax btw ... But I would get the Boss instead as its more balanced car and save some $$ .. Either way I really like the new Mustangs (V6, GT, Boss, Shelby)

Audi S4 2013 is definitely a nice car especially going from the reviews great daily driver new navigation has Google Maps and all-wheel-drive

C63 AMG def my fav car after the Cadillac CTS-V this is a well balanced machine just like the S4 its AMG its a BMW M5 killer.

I think the choice is up to you now where you will feel whats suited for you.


its a tough choice , if i had money id get them all

as for the gt500, if i dont get the svt performance and track options, would it take away from my street driving experience? or is it only used for on the race track?