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Mississauga, ON
reply to decx

Re: [Cable] Routing issues to toronto.voip.ms

I can't help if you don't know there's a problem. And I can't make service providers automate failover practices. Meanwhile I can only do the next best thing. My logs have long told me that toronto.voip isn't reliable so I switched servers and POP. I still keep a toronto trunk active as *my* failover and to see if they ever fix the problem, they haven't.

Vancouver, BC
A number of servers have had periods of relative instability. In addition to the Toronto servers, the NY and Montreal POP have had issues. Even other like Seattle have the occasional fit.

As well, most users don't have the ability to continually monitor the registration status for their accounts. Most Voip.ms users just use it as a hosted solution and don't have an Asterisk server with status monitoring scripts. Also Voip.ms doesn't provide an option that notifies users an account is offline like a few other providers do. Consequently, expecting the average user to know when their DID is unreachable due to server issue is unreasonable.


Mississauga, ON
Then they should use a different service. The OP question isn't about what is reasonable or what should happen or any of that nonsense. The user has a problem and did check the right things, I'm answering to that. I dare say that the "average" user shouldn't use a service such as TSI given all that logic.