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Red Deer County, AB
reply to Cartel

Re: [BC] Shaw is a rip-off

You get what you pay for, as well. If you want a premium service, Shaw is a little higher than Telus for that reason. I've got the 6x1 ADSL Telus profile as a backup IF my Shaw Biz line goes down. It struggles to do even Netflix and buckles under torrenting, which is why it's a backup and that's all it will ever be.

Also, the Telus 15Mb plan that was brought up by Kevin is $47 bundled. I can't find the standalone price anywhere on their site for just the internet service and not on a promotion. I would say it's in the $65/month range. For that price you can get the Shaw 20Mb or even the 25Mb download, 2.5Mb upload plan. Personally, I've had both services for years and Shaw eats Telus alive for plans. Telus recently came out with their 50Mb x 10Mb plan, but it's to VDSL2 limited areas, which isn't much here.

Rusty 6 meg play Netflix just fine.


Vancouver, BC
reply to rustydusty
The good old » ··· lans.jsp

(that page is always the place to go to get the straight goods)

TELUS 15Mb is $47 bundled, $52 unbundled, regular price. 25Mb is $57 bundled, $62 unbundled.

The rule is always "add $5" for any stand-alone service with TELUS.
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