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Constant Disconnects when downloading

On Rogers Ultimate 75/2 with Cisco DPC3825 in Bridge mode.
Since Friday our connection constantly drops as soon as we start to download anything more than webpages / email. For example, just tried downloading the latest version of Ubuntu and got to 100mb and the connection drops. Rebooted DPC3825, getanother 10mb downloads then connection drops again.
Have tried downloading various files / types of files from multiple sites and same problem happens - doesn't matter if download is over http , torrent or FTP.

I did notice on Friday that the DPC3825 rebooted, came out of bridge mode for a short period then went back into bridge mode - Firmware update?


Scarborough, ON


Ottawa, ON
reply to geordieal
I have the new Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway but not Bridged
I have a Wireless Laptop that's having speed issues it never had that problem before in the past ever since I changed my old SMC router cuz the old router I was disconnecting every 30 min off mirc
and then I went to the Hiltron router and that made it worse kept disconnecting while uploading a small vid to Facebook and disconnecting off mirc every 45 min with the Hiltron then rogers told me to go exchange to a Cisco and that fixed my connection problem
with mirc but now I have speed issues with my wireless laptop speed fluctuates up/down 2.46mbps I did a speed test with rogers
so Now there going to send me a teckie cuz there saying I have packets loss ..But my Computer Desktop wired is fine speed wise and also connectivity to mirc is good ...So there telling me now to get the hiltron router cuz I'm on the Extreme Speed.. but i had issues with that Router so that's why I went to Cisco but wifi on it sucks