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reply to Maxo

Re: Wayland 1.0 Officially Released

said by Maxo:
Often time, in software development, it is easier to rebuild a system than it is to continue patching it.
Again, I've said if you want to rebuild X to be X Super Edition, great I am all for it... BUT I WANT X, not waynonsense ALL 100% of X, and that includes XDMCP, you may not use it but several on this thread do, and all the buzz word cloud computing does...

And no hokey add on layers to cause more problems and troubleshoot...

You still have to be compatible with your previous system , and if your not your asking for trouble in most cases.

said by Maxo:
Google hoped to get Firefox in a good state to enable the type of rapid development they wanted to see in browsers. Eventually they realized it was easier to build a new browser from scratch than it would be to get Firefox's codebase in proper order. That's why we have Chrome/Chromium.
Wrong programs to mention to me, I despise and find neither useful.

google only needed to change things due to their eating at the ECMAscript buffet and using bleeding edge code that browsers may not be as current on... I only use Konqueror and if you lie to google it everything works quite nicely using the KHTML engine. So google knock of your BS with the messages, I don't care! I know what your up to and its worse than ms and their games with a browser !

said by Maxo:
At work we are doing the same thing. We've rebuilt our ordering, inventory, billing, and invoicing systems from scratch. Sometimes a new project that can work alongside the existing project is the best way forward.
Did some thing with same sort of items as well, but it didn't break the current system nor did it require any changes to software. And this is really not the same thing... these systems are not systems that other programs rely on to put their interface on the screen etc.. X is a key part of that.. In other words you don't break it to move forward.

This really is just going to push Linux backwards after decades of progress this could entirely erradicate it one fell swoop.

No thanks. KDE based on X, only please.

More solutions looking for problems...again.
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Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL

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Saint Louis, MO

I wouldn't be talking like that when, by your question, you show you haven't been following along and don't know all the issues.


reply to GraysonPeddi

said by GraysonPeddi:
How can Wayland be so controversial? What is the problem here in the forum?
If you have to ask that question...well.....
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