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London, ON

UPS for modem and router

I'm looking for a UPS to power a modem, router, and switch. In total they all use around 30W. I want something that can power them all for at least 5min but would prefer something around 10-15. Thanks for you help


Stanwood, MI
get a 350va (I believe that the smallest available) and you will be fine.

APC sells one in this size range which is pretty good.

I don't recommend anything smaller than a 700va if you are going to be running a fully fledged computer.

Decatur, GA
reply to evil_gusgus
One problem with that is if they don't draw enough power the UPS won't kick in on the battery side when the main AC power goes out.
I had that happen when I first tried to power my modem & router with a UPS. I had to connect more devices to the UPS for it to switch over to battery backup when unplugged.
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Mountain View, CA
reply to evil_gusgus
Best UPS I've used so far for consumer use (I have two of them!): CyberPower CP850PFCLCD.

There are lower-capacity models of the same type which are less expensive that would still allow you to run that amount of wattage for probably 30-45 minutes.

The one advantage these have is that they're sine-wave PSUs, not "stepped" or "simulated" sine. There are a lot of benefits to this, especially with picky hardware. The user interfaces on them are wonderful too -- plus they let you monitor all sorts of things (in/out voltage, frequency, amps and wattage for power draw, battery time remaining, event count (for black-out or brown-out situations), etc.). They're great. Their customer support is fantastic too. My story: »Re: UPS on computer

This comes from someone who used to use TrippLite UPSes exclusively until recently. For datacenters I use (well, used) APC.
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Teksavvy Extreme
Toronto, ON
reply to evil_gusgus
I got this APC 550 va for my network equipment (modem, router, switch) and NAS box.

»www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.as ··· 42101343

Sure you could get a smaller one but that one is already pretty small (physically) and cheap.

Edit the shipping is expensive, but I see you are in London, so you could pick it up somewhere like Canada Computers. I think mine was on sale for $70 when I bought it from them.

»www.canadacomputers.com/product_ ··· d=019662