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reply to Aranarth

Re: Idiot users...

I have had several people who have called up stating that they are "programmers" or "technicians" and just need a patch to fix their issue. (Geek Squad techs can be really bad.)

I then have to explain that the issue is not in the software it is with their machine and then offer to email them the directions which usually requires replacing a system file with the correct version of the .dll or .ocx file. (Obviously if it was a bug in the software better than 50% of users would have that issue and my phone would be ringing off the hook.)

Not only do not know how to follow a directory path, they also cannot seem to find their command window. If I am REALLY lucky they actually do know how to copy a file.

It becomes very obvious that they have a grossly inflated view of their ability to use a computer.

If you tell me you know how to fix a computer I'm going to assume you know:

How to use a mouse (left and right click)
How to use keyboard shortcuts
How to follow a directory path
You know how to copy files.
How to open a command window and how to open it as a an admin
You know how to enter commands into the command prompt and know a basic list of common commands. (cd, dir, etc.)

If you don't know any of this basic stuff, you do not know how to properly use a computer.