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El Mirage, AZ
reply to geowil

Re: [AZ] Massive Packet loss this week


PM me your HFC MAC address and I'll take a look at it and see what I can find for you.

Chris@Cox Communications Arizona


COX service is Chandler, Arizona. Have had service at same location for 2 years. No change to equipment or wiring.

I have been having intermittent packet loss issues through the ipv4 gateway ip beyond my equipment for upwards of 2 weeks now. When everything is fine, I have no loss. Somewhere between 5pm-7pm or between 11pm-1am, I start getting massive 40-80% loss to my first hop. I can't even connect to my work's VPN because the loss is so horrible.

Every time I've called into cox for assistance, the rep says they can't see my cable modem on their end and eventually they report "I am affected by an outage", but they have no details on the outage. When it clears up.. it instantly clears up and the world is fine again. This really feels like either I am on an over-subscribed switch or my cox VLAN is undergoing a massive DDoS attack.. or something at the layer 1/2 level. What's weird is I can sync my cable modem, dhcp an IP.. but the reps still "can't see my modem" on their end. My cable modem's MAC address, isn't showing up on ther cox side.

I tried buying a new cable modem tonight -- same issue remains.

I've tried hooking up multiple systems directly to the cable modem -- no luck there. My coax line is a straight line out to the external box.

Trace tonight from my desktop -> router -> cable modem -> gateway ip results in 42% loss out of 351 packets:


A traceroute to cox.net show how horrible the connection is:



Had a tech come out and she helped discover someone in my area was splitting cable and reselling it. Cox got rid of that.. and now, 0% packet loss!



Glendale, AZ
Wow. Maybe they should give you a little "Atta boy" reward on your bill this month?