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reply to cricket1970

Re: [HN7000S] Not sure I did the right thing.

said by Joseph Windham :

To add fuel to the fire, my system went down on October 18, 2012. This was the day the Hurricane Sandy was over the Bahamas. I did not call nor report because I have been told my downlink is Maryland, and that was where all the chaos was. On Sunday, Nov. 18, I did call and got some limited help. Called back on Tuesday, because the help did not last, and was told after some one hour of the same thing from the day before, that the case would be elevated: case number 33559618 and I would receive a call-back within 48 hours. I have waited here at home patiently for 47 hours with no call-back. My system goes from 1200kbs to 0 (yes, zero) from one test to the next. There is basically no service. I am aware you are working, but a phone call to keep me from sitting on my butt, when promised, would be appreciated. I am already looking at cable, and have been with Hughes for about 10 years. Not a happy campter.

said by [employee=Sara for Hughes :

]Our Network Operations engineers have restored the affected HN7000 system browsing issues. Watch for improvements. If you still believe your system is not performing as expected, please contact our support hotline at 866-347-3292.

said by WVmom21 :

I know this is 4 days later, but we are still experiencing problems with SLOW service (which may be due to holiday traffic) but also still are getting DNS Acceleration(N) and Web Acceleration problems.

said by C0RR0SIVE:

Sara, just curious, was the HN7000 issue related to blank web pages???? If so... it seems Gen4 users are seeing the same issue when web acceleration is enabled... Can't say much other than I know a group of people have had this particular issue for a few days, and I recently developed that issue.

From the looks of things, Sara is taking all the heat.. Is it really this bad?? Wow
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She takes quite a bit of heat. Every time something goes wrong, which is quite often, she takes the heat. I don't envy her or any member of Hughes customer support. That job cannot be easy.