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reply to urbang33k

Re: Sagemcom 2864 + WAP610n access point FIBE 25MBPS

said by urbang33k:


The problem your having, or at least what your describing, is about as clear as mud.

Your first post implies you were having a wireless issue. But by the end of the thread, thus far, it sounds more like a sync, or sync no surf.

Can you be a little more clear in your description of the trouble maybe?

Do your wired devices lose connectivity also?

If they do, does the sync light on the sagemcom start flashing? If so this would imply a line problem and could explain your erratic speed issues.

If the sync light stays solid, then it could be a known issue generally referred to as 'sync no surf' and some people in this forum have some experience with THAT issue.

If your wired devices do NOT lose connectivity, but your wireless devices do, then obviously you dont have any sync issues. If that's the case, has the sagemcom been replaced yet? I use the sagemcom at home and have NO issues with it's wireless, other than it's range.

It goes like this usually, everything is fine i'm surfing the web loading pages. Then i'm going to notice a drop in speed. I'll do a speedtest.net and usually i'm in between 10-15mbps. Usually a few minutes later i try to load a page, and it tries to load for a few minutes. Then i get a screen saying cannot load webpage.

During this process i always keep connection to my network, i just dont have internet access.

All my devices are wireless, next time this happens, which will be today, i will wired up the PC see if i'm connected.


Saint-Leonard, QC
When your issue is fix , update your wap610n to avoid any wireless problems.


The WAP610n has been updated to 1.0.04. Its the latest version.

Also, i don'T use it anymore. I bought a D-Link powerline and adapter, which solved my weak signal issues. But i'm still getting, what seems to be synch no surf.

Mr. Wireless

reply to seguycarbono
said by seguycarbono:

Why are you so angry? I'm not a tech guy, i've been troubleshooting this stuff for a week or so now. What seems apparent to some, isn't to others.

Also, no one is forcing you to come into my thread. If you have nothing to help out with, don'T post! This isn't a little teenagers discussion board, if you wan't to have an internet persona you could always try montrealracing.com

who are you replying to? also this is a public forum, if u dont want ppl to reply then u should have thought about that before you posted your topics, also none of us on here are angry at all, wer'e friendly people, were nice and were here to make u feel welcome and give helpfull friendly advice thanks for visiting Bell.
Happiness is like peeing your pants... Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its Warmth!!


Lol thanks for the internet lesson. And obviously you feel concerned with my post because it concerns you.

I'll agree with you, everyone else that has posted in my two threads have been very nice and friendly.

reply to seguycarbono
nevermind you seemed to have resolved your issue.


reply to seguycarbono
Bell sent a tech over yesterday with a new Sagemcom. So far so good.


good to hear