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Re: [Network] Wifi keeps toggling on Macbook Pro 15"

My WRT54G is only about 4 years old, that's not too old. The Macbook Pro can't handle N speeds, and most of my equipment connected to it is G anyway, so there's no point.
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Does this happen everywhere or just at home or at the office? If it's localized to a certain area or location, check what WIFI profiles you have configured on your system. Remember that WIFI is name dependent, which means that one WIFI network named Linksys is the same as another one named Linksys. It may be possible that if you have one of these basic profiles configured/saved in your profile list from another location you were at, your system is accidentally hopping on one close to you (maybe a neighbors) named exactly the same. Then it disconnects and connects to yours, etc. The cycle will continue depending on different variables. Bottom line, check your profile list and delete all basically named ones you don't use at the moment. You can also try deleting your own WIFI profile and just reconnect it. Then power cycle your router as well.

Another thing is, unless ALL your WIFI devices are having this same connection issue with your specific router, then the problem is localized to your laptop.... be it a hardware issue with it or the profile issue I explained above.