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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
·Rogers Portable ..
reply to CanadianRip

Re: Big loser!

said by CanadianRip:

said by J E F F:

Problem is, if you consume only 500 calories a day you'll be hungry and miserable and most likely full of rage. Seems that the hCG takes care of that part.

Still, simply reducing ones calorie intake does the trick...it just takes a little longer.

If I was in that boat, as a male I'd prefer rage and misery over lactating nipples.

Or just take 20 months to lose smartly...and keep it off.
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Oakville, ON
said by J E F F:

Or just take 20 months to lose smartly...and keep it off.

The smart thing to do is not let yourself get obese in the first place. Once you've pushed yourself there long enough, there's plenty of evidence to suggest it will never stay off.

An article about the topic here:


I have a big problem with people suggesting diet and exercise for weight loss. If you're older and have been overweight or obese for a long time. You should still exercise and practice a better diet, not to lose weight but rather to increase health.

What's lost in all of this is it is possible to be obese and healthy; we should be focused on health rather then cosmetics.


Kingston, ON
The problem with being obese is Doctors are refusing to treat us. I have arthritis and will need surgery in the future (knees replaced, both feet and ankles fused, and hip replacement), this is why I need to lose weight. Anytime, I talk to my doctor about a health problem I am having, he says it will go away when you lose the weight. If not, then he'll look into it.

"The smart thing to do is not let yourself get obese in the first place." In a perfect world, but this is not a perfect world. Do you think I enjoy being over weight? Being in pain all the time? I put work before my health, because I was so afraid of not being able to keep a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table no matter how bad I was treated. Then I had to leave work for the first time (for reasons other than going to a new job) since I was 11 years old, I was depressed. At 11 it was a paper route with babysitting when I was a little older. At 15 it was a part-time job at a small business working 5 days a week after school and Saturdays all day (no Sunday shopping in those days). Worked through high school and College, no student loans for me. In the past I have only been out of work a month or two when between jobs.

But, that is my problem to sort out. My point is depression, being laid up in pain and having health problems; obesity can sneak up on you.

Bariatric surgery is being pushed heavily by the government because it is being sold as a cure for Type 2 Diabetes, but I was always taught that once you have Type 2 Diabetes you will always have it. You can't cure it, you can only control it. That it is a cure is the main point that was being discussed at our info session at the hospital. Bariatric clinics are popping up at hospitals outside of Ottawa and Toronto now. You still have to go to Ottawa or Toronto to get the surgery. I think this is why more doctors are referring their patients to Bariatric clinics.
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