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I am not sure where you got the idea that speed is guaranteed, speed is NOT guaranteed on cable, it is a shared connection at the node, that includes download and upload speed. If you look at your TOS or customer agreement, I am sure somewhere in there is a clause that say's something to the effect of " up to speed" or something like that or even speeds not guaranteed or guaranteed at all times.. I myself have a business account and my connection is critical and has an SLA and an actual guaranteed service rate from my cable company, most of the time, I don't reach my upload or speed all the time but I don't fuss about it because I understand how the cable system works, so when Charter said that upload speeds or speeds are not guaranteed, they were correct and were not lying


Morro Bay, CA
so no upload is acceptable? No, its not, I pay them for 4, not none, so therefore they're not providing the service they claim they will. Call it what you will, No upload, is NONE I pay for "upto" 4 not Zero, which is what I have.. Nothing.

Regardles, Charter service in my area, still is horrible.
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