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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

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Re: LIPA customers billed for days without power

Article Summary: Power company reassigned all employees to help with recovery effort, so meters didn't get read. Estimate bills were generated even for customers that had power outage. Customers upset. Customers can call and provide actual usage and get bill adjusted. Or wait until next actual meter reading. The power company is also suspending bills for people with severe damage and suspending 1.5% late fee.

People bitch about everything. And are stupid if they can't read their utility bills and just call their power company. A month or two ago I had a gas bill that was obscenely high. It was more gas usage in one month than I had used in the previous 8 combined with the mild winter and above average spring and summer. Discovered the meter reader misread one of the dials. Called, talked with a rep who agreed that the misread was pretty obvious and took my revised reading. Had a new bill in a few days.