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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to gadawg

Re: New install and existing router

said by gadawg:

We are getting Uverse internet and TV installed Tuesday. Will the installer put my wireless router after the gateway if I ask him to? I would rather use my router because I restrict access by MAC addresses. I would rather not have to enter all the MAC addresses again in the ATT router.

Any advice before the install? Move furniture away from wall, disconnect existing cable from the TV's, etc.

Router behind router can be done a couple of different ways. However it is not the job of the installer to set the network up that way (nor is he/she trained to). The U-Verse installer will connect devices directly to the 2Wire/Pace. Any configuration beyond that is a "do at your own will/risk" type deal

As far as advice:
1) Move furniture away from any and all TV/Coax jacks as well as phone jacks.
2) Make sure the wiring entry point for both the phone and/or coax wiring is accessible, as well as any & all coax splices & splitters. Typically these are located near the electric panel, but can be in other areas in basements, crawl spaces, and/or attics.
3) Make sure the Telco Network Interface Device is accessible outside (typically located next to the power meter on the outside wall).
4) Access to the telephone pole (if aerial fed service) or telephone pedestal (if buried fed service) may also be needed.
5) It is also appreciated if any dogs on the premise are secured while the technician is working inside/outside
6) Depending on what all needs installed, prepare for the installation to take anywhere from 4-6 hours. Some installs take less, some take more, but be prepared for about that duration


Louisville, KY
Thanks for the tips. I have or will do all of the above.