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Liberal, KS

Line Drop with and without filter

Okay this is weird.. SW Bell says nothing wrong...

This has been going on several months...

We pick up the phone or if the phone rings... it drops the dsl ... even having the phone fwd'd.

This should happen if all you have is the modem on a filter or the modem only plugged in w/o the filter...

Is this correct???

Could there still be something wrong with the line?? And if so... how do we get this correctly checked out...

1. Tested with only modem/filter combo (no other phones plugged in)
2. Modem only plugged in
3. Call house ... singal drops either way
4. This is weird...

Any help would be great.


Lisle, IL
Have you tried the "call the house" test with the modem connected directly to the Network Interface/NID test jack?

A ringing phone should not cause DSL to drop

Jeff E

I'm on my third week with this problem coupled with deteriorating SN margins. I have used different phones, different modems and different filters. In addition, I disconnected all phone lines in the house and wired CAT 5e to one jack. Same problem. Loss of sync when using the phone will clear for a few days and then start again. My download SN margin used to be 10 to 14 dB and is now 4 to 6 dB.


reply to ILpt4U
I don't have a long enough cable... I guess I could ask the neighbors in the duplex behind me where the NID box is located and borrow some of their juice.

It should kick off the dsl either way.. but if it doesn't then it must be something with the line from the NID to the wall that goes to the living room where the only jack is... I better check to make sure my phone line plan is still running since the issues is past the jack.. inline.. yeah inline...

Thank you!