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Kanata, ON
reply to XNemesis

Re: [Cable] Why is Youtube streaming on Cable always brutally sl

I have noticed a major problem with youtube a few days ago as well where some videos play fine (testing in 1080p quality for each), while others are very slow and take minutes to buffer. Speed test shows speeds that are not the best (which is a separate issue all together), but far exceeding what is being used by youtube regardless:

It looks like the cache servers are to blame. Playing this video for the first time:

» ··· 1mx4Z5Lc

Youtube loaded it from
» - and that was loading at 1MB/s for me and had no buffering issues.

As soon as I watched the video, I reloaded the page and this time it played it from
»o-o---preferred---sn-ux3 ··· - this time the download speed peaked at 250KB/s and I had buffering issues every few seconds.

Try it yourself - pick a video on youtube and play it in 1080p (try one thats not super popular, so you don't get the cached copy). Look on the bottom left of the browser (or wherever it shows the video is being downloaded from). If you see that you're having buffering issues, take a note as to the source of the video (i.e is it the o-o---preferred server?)


Kanata, ON
I would love to hear Teksavvy's comments here since these are their (or Rogers) cache servers that appear to be to blame (I believe?)


Toronto, ON
reply to Sanek
I'll second this.

Can't stream in 720P/1080P at all without the stream working for only a few moments and then choppily hitting various markers on the Youtube playbar before skipping to the end of the file.

Hit and miss on this problem as well - massive buffering issues where I get about 30 seconds of usable play followed by buffering (which never goes away). Have to refresh the page just to be able to play... for another 30 seconds. Very odd.