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Red Deer, AB
reply to rewrite2

Re: [QC] New Cell Phone - Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5 ?

said by rewrite2:

asking about getting iphone vs android phones on internet usually get same answer: android phone. But it really come down to what you prefer.

Go to a store and try both see how they feels. I personally have iphone 5 and htc one s. If you currently have iphone 3gs, upgrading to iphone 5 makes a big difference. plus if you have purchased lots of stuff in app store, you probably prefer to stick to iphone. Iphone 5 screen is much better than iphone 3gs and I prefer iphone 5 screen when compares to my htc one s, and when surfing the web, web pages load much faster on iphone 5 than on my htc one s as well.

I would hope that's a joke, amigo. I have both and put them both through their tests. I couldn't even do any quality tests with the Iphone as it would drop off Wifi and 4G before completing. Load times on either phone should be similar minus connectivity issues, wifi or cellular.



No joke here sir, you should have your iPhone checked out. My iPhone doesn't drop 3g or WiFi connection but my HTC one s actually did drop WiFi connection every once in a while. In fact my wife also have iPhone 5 and hers doesn't have connectivity issues either