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I have had your service for 2weeks now & I want to let everyone know how horrible your company is being run. From the poor installation to the promotional promises u made that u refuse to honor. I have had to call on 4 different occasions regarding different issues with my service & have about 7 hours of my time wasted on the phone dealing with them just to get transferred to a total of 9 people between all 4 calls. Your company can't seem to patch me threw to anyone that knows what they are doing. Your services are a sham & your ripping off hard working people. U should be ashamed. I will make sure that I recommend to everyone I talk to not to use your services!! I will send as many emails, Facebook posts, tweets, letters & even publish articles in all the local papers in my area informing people of how u treat your customers. DO NOT SIGNUP FOR DIRECTV. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!


They picked the WRONG customer to screw with! LOL

See my post above.

When I sent their CEO a certified mail return receipt requested letter I expect as a paying customer that someone will look into the matter and at least send an brief summary of their findings....I felt my account security and private information was in jeopardy with that ass clown that was handing the cancellation of my account that day. The CSR was obnoxious, threatening, possibly off shore, and sure enough my personal info was all there in front of him on the computer screen...That is why although I was being abused and blustered at by this monkey I kept my composure and level head and proceeded to not let his outrageous behavior to get the best of me even though I was the customer.

You clowns at DirecTV goofed when you dropped the ball because I at EVERY possible opportunity post my horrific experience.

Whether it is on line, in person, or on the phone, I tell EVERYONE I speak to...... NEVER to subscribe to DirecTV.
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