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Lincoln, NE

[TWC] TWC - Lincoln, NE - 50mb package issue

I signed up for the 50mb package and requested a bridged modem. They gave me a perfectly capable and new SB6141. This worked fine, however I was only ever able to get 30mb. I called support and they tried all they could but could not get the 50mb package to apply to this modem. A tech came out and swapped my 6141 for an arris dg860 gateway.

To put it plainly, this modem is a shitpile. I have no problems with arris modems, but this gateway is either defective or a terrible product.

Has anyone had this same experience with not being to get the 50mb package on the motorola modems? The 6141 is an 8d4u docsis 3 modem that can easily break 100mb, what is the deal with not being able to use this modem for the 50mb package? Am I alone with this issue?


Fremont, NE
That is odd, since both modems are both 8x4, did you talk to Tier 3 from Lincoln, they should be able to activate any modem. You could always buy your own SB6141 or the zoom modem(cheaper), and there is zero reason that it couldn't do 50mbps.