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Lincoln, NE
reply to Jedis

Re: [TWC] Frequent disconnects, TWC claims everything is fine

IYour signal(power level) looks a bit hot on the forward(downstream), getting it closer to 0dbmv would provide a much more stable connection. If you have a splitter put it in front of the modem as an easy solution, that should drop it 2-3dbmv.

An SNR of 30db is fine, this depends on the quality of the plant; the leg you are off might just be noisy.

Pay attention to the lights, when it goes out which lights specifically go off? Downstream is the forward and first to be established. Upstream or return is the second. Online is the final one to go solid, indicating the config has been loaded and the service should be ready to go.

PC activity is just a lan link indicator. It is solid or blinking in normal operation. If this light goes out while the others continue to stay on this indicates a local issue like your router going out or a bad ethernet cable.

If the TWC system shows you losing sync twice that might indicate a more local problem. Just food for thought