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West Orange, NJ
reply to Steve3

Re: [HD] NY 55/10 HD channel 510

said by Steve3:

I had spoken to a second level tech yesterday concerning another problem. When it was resolved, he asked if there was anything else. I told him about the channel 510 issue. He checked it and was perplexed over it. He said he was going to speak to that department to resolve the issue. The channel is on today. I am not taking credit for it, but I learned that if you want something done with FIOS, speak to a second level tech.

Yeah, that may have done the trick. I called tech support a few weeks ago figuring they might not even know there's a problem. The guy I spoke with did say it was a known issue, so it's possible someone may have forgotten about it and just needed to flip a switch or something.

Glad it's on. Only took 5 months! Looks like we can finally end this thread.