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Warwick, RI

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Re: Just signed up for 3Mbit service, MA Verizon territory

When FiOS first came to market standard procedure was to remove the copper drop from the pole to the house once the fiber drop was in place UNLESS you fought to have it left in place. Now that has changed. The copper drop is left in place however if you have phone it will be moved to fiber . The NID or the inside wiring is connected to the ONT (or both). The issue is not getting the copper restored. In fact if you don't order phone the copper and the NID are left alone. The problem is once FiOS is ordered AND installed the address is removed from the data base as available for DSL even if the copper is 100% intact. A loop hole seems to be to already have a 3rd party DSL provider in place BEFORE ordering FiOS . In this case they seem to leave it alone. YMMV and this may depend on your market . I am unsure of how a situation where the customer orders a phone/internet/TV bundle over FiOS and has a third party DSL already in place . You cannot just disconnect the NID from the copper plant as this would cut the DSL . Perhaps a home run is done for the DSL and the rest of the inside wiring moved to Fiber. The customer needs to tell the FiOS installer there is a third party DSL provider present over copper.

Chatsworth, CA

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If you've got DSL from us already on one telephone line, and then you order a phone/internet/TV bundle via FIOS, you need to make sure the phone service has a different telephone number, otherwise Verizon will happily cut our DSL line without warning. They're not SUPPOSED to do that, but sad reality is, they DO do that.