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reply to CXM_Splicer

Re: Verizon not going to replace copper damaged by Sandy

Hmn. This thread seems to be turning into a rant on Big Government. Interesting but beside the point.

First, note I live in Tribeca, spitting distance from the NYTelCo HQ which VerizonNY claims was so thoroughly damaged.

I have perfectly adequate DSL provided by Earthlink, the last mile on one of my two PSTN lines. I have had 'net access on that connection for nearly a week. I can infer with reasonable assurance that at least one of the twisted-pairs is fully functional between here and the NYTelCo CO and has been for some time. I can also infer with reasonable assurance that a good deal if not all of the requisite supporting hardware is also fully functional.

But as was reported elsewhere, Verizon sales and field-repair staff are saying that they are not doing anything but repairing fiber-optic (and interestingly, not including in that FIOS) customers, and there is no plan to restore a dialtone to PSTN customers.

The evidence seems to be (1) the damage to the PSTN net was not as severe as Verizon claimed, (2) such damage as there was to the PSTN network has been repaired and (3) Verizon is using its monopoly position to compel customers to switch to more expensive, less effectively regulated, proprietary FIOS. This could in turn restrict independent ISPs from competition, with consequent implications for the openness of the Internet.

I see only two ways of effectively dealing with this: Either VerizonNY (as distinct from the holding company Verizon Communications) has to be forced into the hands of receivers or it needs to be taken over for a specific time-period, following the model of the U.S. Railroad Administration of WW1 fame. Either way, a new operations model and infrastructure plan can be developed, and company money expended without concern for stockholders, ROI and so on.