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Richardson, TX
reply to gdtrfb

Re: [CA] Verify MCA is NOT for an Additional Modem on the Accoun

said by gdtrfb:

- MoCA was a thought but I think I'll have splitters etc in the way...and I'm not up for the overhead of buying/testing/returning if necessary...I know it doesn't jive considering the long term cost of a new cable modem account.

If you have a coax feed to the building, then MoCA is going to be the simplest and most reliable method. It's really easy, splitters won't affect it unless there are so many that your signal drops too much - house amps are another issue though

Just get a couple of MoCA bridges and connect them on the cable in question and voila! you have an Ethernet cable in your building.


Another option is to get better antennas for your wireless AP. I did this for my son-in-law's shop building on his farm. I used a pair of directional, high-gain antennas and a wireless bridge at the building and was able to get a great signal out to a building that was several hundred yards away.



San Diego, CA
Well, I went for it and no luck. I purchased the ActionTec MoCA adapters and they did not work. The buildings must be feed by different feeds from the street. At lease now, I won't feel as if I left any options our there.