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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to bchandler02

Re: [OK] Modem dropping but not losing lights

This is BS. The tech came out and removed the video filter from the box. Now my signals went up and SNR went down. I used to be close to 40 here, but havent in months.

This connection is freaking useless for WFH. Anyone know how to light a fire under Cox and get them to actually provide the damn service that I pay for?

(This is the best SNR by far I have seen in 2 weeks, they have all been right at 34-35)
Power Level: Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1: 5.8 dBmV 36.0 dB
Channel 2: 5.7 dBmV 38.3 dB
Channel 3: 4.5 dBmV 37.9 dB
Channel 4: 4.8 dBmV 37.6 dB
Channel 5: 5.3 dBmV 38.0 dB
Channel 6: 5.1 dBmV 37.2 dB
Channel 7: 5.8 dBmV 36.9 dB
Channel 8: 5.5 dBmV 37.2 dB

Chesapeake, VA
Did the technician try a test modem to see if that would help? As for the signals they actually don't look that bad. It sounds like there were issues either way.


Oklahoma City, OK
No, we have not tried a test modem yet. The tech that came out was a line tech/supervisor, not a standard tech in a van. He mentioned that he corrected multiple problems yesterday and wanted to monitor, and he stopped by again today. Still had a few drops overnight, so he said he would continue to check and get a few hub guys involved too. This guy seems to actually be checking and said he hadn't worked on things out here before despite previous techs stating they would turn it over to the line team, so glad to have this guy involved. I have more hope with him than I have in the past.

I also got a call back from a local contact after a highly escalated email. Work continues today.