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Byram, MS

How to order small business u-verse?

I'd like to upgrade my residential DSL 6.0 Xtreme w/ 1 static IP to U-verse Small Business 12megabit Max w/ 5 static IPs along with keeping my @bellsouth.net email. U-verse service recently became available in my neighborhood. I called 1-888-288-8339 (from »smallbusiness.bellsouth.com/uver···net.html) and asked the automated system for sales, which put me in touch with a guy that was hard to understand, and was trying to sell me residential service even though I was specifically asking for small business service, and was trying to sell me at&t wireless, home phone, and television services, that I do not want. I then called 1-877-253-0009 (from »smallbusiness.bellsouth.com/internet.html) which is actually a spanish line. I was then given 1-888-659-1011 to call when is also a spanish line.

What number can I call to get the order placed that I want, which will get me to someone that I can understand and can place the order exactly how I am requesting?


Irmo, SC

I dunno about calling, but ordering online for my business worked fine.


I too find that calling ATT ends up being a fiasco most of the time, you'd think they'd do a study on the universally bad end user experience when calling in (whether it's a billing or sales issue, or technical issue) and fix it.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

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You can give 800.288.2020 a call. This is usually the Residential accounts number, but call the number & ask for U-Verse Sales, and the agent you connect to should be able to transfer you to Business Class U-Verse Sales, or if you are really lucky, you will get an agent who handles both Residential & Business Class

You can also give 888.944.0447 a try. I got that number from the "Contact Us" section on ordering for Small Business service from the att.com website