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Re: NYC TWC - Just got the Arris TG862 - can't access Web GUI

same problem here. sometimes it works, sometimes it just hangs indefinitely. will try thingy though. maybe that will work.


ok, this stuff ain't working neither. out of 10 times, it works 3 maybe 4 times. what gives with, if that is indeed true, blocking the access to the router? that is no acceptable. i need constant access to my router and its options, if nothing else to check the logs and\or add\change portforwarding rules. maybe add a new client to my network if having mac access control feature turned on? as of lately, i can access the login page but after hitting the apply button my browser (firefox) just freezes. what the? the only thing i can do is hit the back button. and the hit the forward button and try logging in again. anyone else experiencing same problems?

New York, NY

1 edit
In Bridge mode, if I configure my pc with a static IP address of 192.168.0.x, and attach it directly to a LAN port, (with my internal router still connected) I get consistent results:
1. ping - yes
2. http to port 8080 - login page
3. http to port 80 - login page (after registration)
4. http to port 80 - status page (before registration)
5. https to port 443 - status page (both before and after registration
6. https to port 5540 - login page (both before and after registration).
Note that port 80 serves up different pages before/after registration and you may have to force a refresh while navigating.
Also note that a router restart following a configuration change, will force the router through its pre & post registration states, and this can confuse your browser.

In Routed mode, the behavior may be different.