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Milford, NH
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reply to modem_reset

Re: Unable to access web site

said by modem_reset:

did you have any other sites not load?

Not as far as I can tell. But I mostly use a handful of preferred sites.

This appears to have been a FP a routing problem. I tried other addresses in the block and the difference between ones that worked and failed was the peering location. Curious, if you do an location look-up that IP shows as in the UK. Even though other addresses within the /18 show up on the West Coast as expected.

I assume, but am no routing expert, the IP was split off and was recently reassigned. Why it only affected FairPoint I have no idea. I was able to get to the site by using Comcast at the town library. I'm not convinced it really was a routing problem since it stayed broken so long. If it was routing I would have expected it to self correct within a few days at most.

I'm extremely happy it self resolved. Imagine trying to explain to FP residential tech support that even though they are able to get to my web site I cannot and I think it is their problem.