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Re: Last chance to do this customer right

I already have RRBC at home, besides CenturyLink's ADSL. And I'm testing Road Runner's residential internet service for at least 30 days before cancelling my 12 year CenturyLink service. Two more weeks to go.

In my opinion Road Runner internet combined with the cable company's line are superior in both quality and price. In fact Road Runner proactively called me once saying they seen a level trouble from their modem and sent someone over the next day to fix it.

Even when I had Centrury Link's Business Class DSL - dealing with problems was always a big production - sometimes months of lousy service, and missed appointments. One moron tech cut two wires wire on the side of my house mistakenly thinking it was the NI.

My concerns are quality and having my expectations met, not necessarily price or speed. That means when the service is down - which happens often - I don't expect to be talked down to by some arrogant repair tech, told that I need to spend another five dollars a month to make it easier for them to test their line, or sit at home all day waiting for a tech that doesn't show up.

Somebody from CL called a week ago about my online complaint. First time ever. I bet it's cause I posted here.

First the guy exposed me to his internal policies I wouldn't care less about, then promises a repair service supervisor in my neighborhood will call me back the same day.

A week later - still no call.