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Martin, TN
reply to Hank

Re: Frontier trying to get more money again

Just thought I would throw this out there since I mentioned it earlier in the thread:

I went to my local Frontier office to ask about the $1.00 increase for the Internet on my November bill. I was told that it had increased by $1.00 because I was not locked into any term contracts for any of their services (and because the rate at which I'm being charged for Internet [$30.95/mo] is no longer offered.

I'm not sure if it makes any sense -- especially since I was put back on my original phone/Internet plan in August after complaining long enough. I guess I don't understand why I didn't see the $1.00 increase sooner?

At any rate, I added call waiting to my phone service and was told a little tidbit: If you want to add a SINGLE calling feature to your phone service, you have to do it in person because all of Frontier's calling features are almost always bundled into plans online.