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Taneytown, MD
reply to HarryH3

Re: Is Verizon actively trying to end their landline business?

Not sure what you are trying to ask here. Is it possible to get cheaper phone only packages from Verizon? Sure, but they come with limitations. Check your phone book and they should have information about flat rate and economy plans, but they have pretty severe limitations (for example, Economy call service is about 6 bucks before taxes but you get charged 10 cents for each call, good if you only receive calls)

Now if you are asking, why don't they upgrade the lines or push out FIOS, then yeah, Verizon is likely really gearing for LTE because that would mean higher $ return and not having to pay people to maintain old copper lines, etc.

Honestly, I don't get a lot of calls and I just use a cell phone and dropped the land line years ago because all my relatives use Verizon so mobile to mobile is free.

I was just wondering if Verizon had any decent pricing in other parts of the country. In this day and age, $60 per month for landline service seems pretty extreme. The cable company is offering an equivalent service for $25 per month.


Taneytown, MD
I would agree that it is pretty extreme. They do have ~$50 packages which is "Freedom something" and I think it goes up from there. Now take into account the FIOS pricing (I have a friend who has it, so I popped their address into Verizon.com)

Internet only 15/5 - $75
Phone only - $50
Both of the above - $75
Triple play cheapest tier - $80

What does all this say? Who knows. I can only guess this means they have more overhead with copper (maybe due to maintenance or whatever) and I bet if Verizon could get out of it completely and go completely wireless, they'd love it. They already sold off a bunch of markets so that tells you they are like any corporation, trying to watch their bottom line and make as much money as possible. I don't fault them for this, but it certainly does hurt when you can't get any real competition to help get better services and lower prices.